Resume template

Michael Petrochuk and I designed a standard resume template and open-sourced it.
You can download it in SVG or EPS.


Before attempting to work with the files, do make sure to download both Raleway and Roboto Condensed from Google Fonts.

Raleway Font Family
Roboto Condensed

Let me know what you do with it! It'd be fun to see how the template helped you.

Michael Petrochuk’s Facebook post:

How I helped a stranger in Connecticut get a job.

With feedback from many friends and a majority from Lucas Colusso, spent over 100 hours working on my resume last year. Posted it to HH Design, HH Websites and Resumes, and Reddit for feedback.

- Posted it on Reddit not expecting much on Mar 31 2016 - Made it to top 100 all time /r/resume posts on Reddit. Held top of the last year front page for the entire year.
- Had 15,000 views on Imgur - 92 personal messages to provide a template continuously over a year - Responded to 30 emails continuously over a year
- One stranger got a job offer

Attached an email I got today, one year and one month later that a stranger in Connecticut got a job with my template.