Peer-reviewed Publications:

Behavior Change Design Sprints
DIS Designing Interactive Systems 2018
Lucas Colusso, Tien Do, Gary Hsieh

Translational Resources: Reducing the Gap Between Academic Research and HCI Practice
DIS Designing Interactive Systems 2017
Lucas Colusso, Cindy Bennett, Gary Hsieh, Sean Munson.
* Honorable mention for top 5% publications

Designing Closeness to Increase Gamers' Performance
CHI Human Factors in Computing Systems 2017
Lucas Colusso, Gary Hsieh, Sean Munson

Blog Posts:

Designing Social Comparisons to Improve Performance Designers often use social comparisons as persuasive nudges. I investigated how to use subtle text and visual cues to make comparisons more effective.

Design Thinking of Yore Design Thinking (DT)has been — somewhat intentionally— misaligned with the historical evolution of Design and Design Theory. In this post I recover and piece together pieces of the design to shine light on the topic.