App for inclusive children play

I designed the User Interface for an app to support inclusive play among children. The app is meant to facilitate play between young children with and without disabilities.

The features prompt children to play together and talk about their emotions, likes, and dislikes to learn more about each other, their similarities and differences. Features involved technology-enforced cooperation, in-app characters, and joint photography.

I was tasked with creating the assets, which I did on Adobe Illustrator after sketching and prototyping the screens with my colleague who was responsible for coding. The iPad app was coded on Xcode by Kiley Sobel. See some examples of how the app worked below!

Use case
See a quick video of a use case of the app.

Research summary
Kiley Sobel was the researcher responsible for this amazing project. Check out the page about this project on Kiley's website to learn more about it!

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