Award-winning design for a UW campaign

It is widely known that Seattle faces a housing crisis. The impacts of this crisis are visible on the streets of our city, but less visible is how it hinders the lives of UW students. Surveys have discovered that a sizable portion of the student body is rent burdened, and in more extreme cases, facing homelessness.

To mitigate problems associated with the high-cost of living in Seattle, the Associated Students of the University of Washington (ASUW) disburses scholarships that enable students to live in a safe and appropriate environment. The scholarships are disbursed through the Husky Pride Fund.

In 2018, the ASUW launched a university-wide design competition. The challenge was to create a t-shirt design that both raised awareness about the housing crisis in Seattle, but also served as a way to raise more funds for the Husky Pride Fund. My design ended up winning the competition. See the designs below:

To raise awareness about the Seattle housing affordability crisis that impacts UW students, I chose to work with the concept of housing densification. Densifying the urban environment while offering affordable dwellings for everybody, including UW students, staff, and faculty, is a challenge that requires immediate action by the University of Washington and the City of Seattle. It is clear that more, and affordable, housing is needed in the Greater Seattle area.

I explored multiple concepts, but one stood out. I worked with repetition and scaling of basic shapes to indicate growth in urban planning. I programmed the 2 basic shapes to incrementally scale and fill out a mask.

The tagline appears on the front and on the back of the t-shirt, connecting both sides and reinforcing the problem that students are facing.

The simple iconography below the tagline is an easy to reproduce arrangement that can be taken up by students, adapted and reshaped into multiple designs, such as stickers, posters, restroom stall graffiti, or memes.

Finally, I added the email addres to get in touch with ASUW and discuss ways to contribute to the fund. Ideally, we would substitute the email address with the link to a webpage with straightforward donation options.

I was happy to win this design competition, but foremost, this project was a rewarding way to contribute to my community with my design skills. The t-shirts will be sold at the University Bookstore in the 2018-19 academic calendar year.
I will post photos and a link to purchase the t-shirt here once they are available.

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