Brazilian folk art apps

I was tasked to create a series of Flash apps for Brazilian folk art festival. I was resposible for the design, illustrations, and coding of every app. See some of the apps I designed in the videos below!

Adobe Flash wasn't the perfect design tool. However, as a designer, it was great to have full control of the concept, design, and implementation of an experience.

This end-to-end project pipeline tying design and coding together taught me early on my design career the importance of learning programming languages. After ActionScript (the programming language used to code Flash apps), I learned the basics of PHP, RoR, Python, and Javascript, as well as HTML and CSS.

Sound car voting
Sound cars are wheel-mounted makeshift speakers, and are common in certain regions of Brazil. Informal workers walk or drive their sound cards around town to advertise a mix of new music or deals from local stores.

The app I designed lets viewers vote for their favorite songs. Festival organizers selected a list of songs that represent many different types of Brazilian folk music, from classic to rap, celebrating my country's cultural diversity.

The cultural movements tree quiz

This app works as a quiz where users need to match the names of artists with the cultural movements they belonged to. For example, Tarsila do Amaral was a famous Modernist painter in Brazil.

Users can drag each leaves to the tree's branches, trying to match artists to right cultural movement. If all matches are correct, then users have the chance to look at each painters' works of art. If not, the wind will blow and take the wrong leaves back onto the ground, and users have another try at the quiz.

Puzzles of paintings by Brazilian women artists

This app is essentially a collection of puzzles. Each puzzle uses a famous painting made by prominent Brazilian artists. The app was particularly focused on showcasing the variety of styles and richness of paintings made by women.

After putting the pieces of each puzzle together, users can check out more paintings by the artist they chose.

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