Lucas Colusso

Designer with professional experience in tech startups as well as design and marketing agencies.

Recent projects

Mylo app
Design of a recommendations app
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UW t shirt
Award-winning design for a UW campaign
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Design for a student-led hackathon
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Design samples

Freelance instructor management system
Freelance instructor management system
Data science tool for calculating oil field capacity
Tool to model and predict oil field capacity

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Research-Practice Gaps in HCI and Design 2016-present

Scientific research in HCI rarely informs the work of Design practitioners. I have been investigating the intersections and communication breakdowns between Theory and Practice. Read the work leading to my doctoral dissertation below:
Translational Resources. Honorable mention (top 5%) paper at DIS'17.
Behavior Change Design Sprints. Published at DIS'18.

Issues of scale at a Tool Library 2015

Facing membership growth and increasing demand on its services, small non-profits are required to creatively adapt their work practices re-articulate their process. I conducted observations and interviews in the West Seattle Tool Library to learn more about how core team manages inventory, labor and finances in the face of increasing demand.
Read the report for findings.

Social comparison feedbacks 2014-2015

In this study we investigated how social comparison feedbacks can motivate higher performance among gamers. We tested two designs: a) comparing users to a target described as a similarly experienced player, and b) adjusting the visual representation of performance so player scores appear closer to the comparison target. Both feedback techniques improved experienced gamers' performance.
Designing closeness. Published at CHI'16.

Facebook UX research 2017

In the Groups team, I planned and conducted a study using a mixed-methods approach, including diary study, survey, and log analysis.

Facebook UX research 2016

In the Growth & Solutions team, I investigated the ads creation platform; collecting and analyzing data through interviews and concept testing; and working cross-functionally with Designers to incorporate findings into the product cycle.

Email campaigns & issues of trust 2014

At Resultados Digitais we identified low engagement in the email campaign creator. I created an interview protocol to study how our customers planned, created, and launched email campaigns. I observed opportunities to increase trust in the use of our tool, which informed the design of a prototype for further testing.